Assessment Groups Assessment Groups

Assessment Groups

What is an Assessment Group?

Assessment Groups are Axon's way of organizing Assessments for easier management, group reporting, and debrief preparation. You can use Assessment Groups are to organize Assessments into different teams, projects or other situations where analyzing a group of Assessments would be beneficial.

Assessment Groups can be created two ways:

How do I use an Assessment Group

How do I use an Assessment Group?

  • For Reporting - You can run Reports on an entire Assessment Group. With large groups this may make it easier for you to generate both Group Reports and also Individual Reports for each Assessment in the group.
  • For Debrief Preparation - Each Assessment Group has a corresponding Debrief Preparation page with information to help you as a Certified Practitioner prepare for an upcoming debrief.  Currently, this includes details about the assessments that you will need to order supporting materials like profile booklets from Herrmann, but we plan to expand it to include other resources and links later.

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