Creating New Groups from the Axon Assessment Group Screen Creating New Groups from the Axon Assessment Group Screen

Creating New Groups from the Axon Assessment Group Screen

Assessment groups are groups of thinkers gathered together for the purpose of reporting. 

When creating an invitation an assessment group is automatically created and any assessment completions made from that invitation will automatically be stored in that assessment group.

It is also possible to create groups manually and to have thinkers’ assessments located in multiple groups at the same time.

Examples of when you may wish to create groups include:

  • Group together thinkers by department/company/session date
  • Group together thinkers from an invitation leaving out members who are no longer attending the session/in the team
  • Group together thinkers who need to be split into various teams for different team reports
  • Group together thinkers to form a new team.

Creating New Groups from the Assessment Group Screen

1. To start chose Assessment Groups from the Assessment Management menuassessment_groups.PNG2. Click on the New Assessment Group button at the top right of the screen.


3. Insert a group a name, something which will be easily recognisable

4. Then click the Create An Assessment Group button


5. Once created the next screen is the edit assessment screen where you can amend the group name if necessary

6. If you wish to add thinkers to the group you can paste or type the thinkers email addresses into the Add Assessment by Email section and click the Add Assessments button for Axon to search and pull the assessments into the group

7. Assessments can be added to a newly created group at a later time from the assessment user screen rather than the assessment group edit screen, see page 26 for further information

8. To remove an assessment when in edit mode tick the check box next to the relevant thinkers details and then click the Remove Assessments button below the name list


9. A new group owner can be allocated if you do not wish to own user rights, enter an email address under the Owner section and click the Assign Owner button (please note this is not often used)

10. You can select a data role for the group to be located under should you wish to move it from its current location.

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