Creating New Groups from the Assessment Screen Creating New Groups from the Assessment Screen

Creating New Groups from the Assessment Screen

Jorge A. Jorge A.

It is possible to create new groups and allocate thinkers' assessments to existing groups from the Assessment screen.

1. To start Search for Assessments from the Search menu


2. Use the search function to the right of the screen to search for thinkers names or multiple email addresses at once, or search for an existing Assessment Group and then select a subset of those assessments to create a new/sub-group
3. Tick the box to the left of the thinkers names you wish to add to the group

4. Once you've chosen all the assessments you want to "group" scroll to the bottom of the screen to view the Assessment Group box


5. Here you can chose to add the thinkers assessments into an existing group chosen from the dropdown menu or create a new group by entering in a new group name, then click Add to group
6. IMPORTANT: The screen then opens on the assessment group in EDIT Mode.  The one item you will want to be sure and "edit" is the Data Role, at the bottom of the screen.  This tells the platform where in your Organizational Data Tree, (the branch or twig in the hierarchy) you would like this Data to be located.  This can also allow others who have access to that branch or twig to see and use that new group.

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