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FAQs / Frequently Asked Questions: Teams on the Herrmann Platform

Below are some of the Frequently Asked Questions regarding one of the newest features in the Herrmann Platform, available to Thinkers via the Thinker Portal; Teams.


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Is there a limit to the number of teams a Thinker can be on?

There is no limit to the number of teams a Thinker can be on.  However, it is best practice to maintain teams to ensure that all data showing up on the Thinker’s Teams is current and relevant. 


Should a Team take part in an HBDI® Team Report debrief before using the Team feature in the Herrmann Platform?

It is best practice for an HBDI® Certified Practitioner to provide a team with their HBDI® Team Report debrief as part of their process for using the Teams tools on the Platform.   This ensures that all Thinkers understand the results provided for their team and are ready to progress with the team.

Who can create a Team for access in the Herrmann Platform?

Currently HBDI® Certified Practitioners and their assistants with Herrmann Platform Practitioner access can create teams to be visible on the Herrmann Platform.


How many Thinkers can be included in one Team?

There is not a limit to the number of Thinkers that can be added to a team.  We recommend keeping teams to a manageable size so that the data within the Teams tools is distinguishable and can still provide valuable insight at a glance.


When creating/editing a team, the Thinker I am looking for is not showing up in the search.  What do I do?

If a Thinker is not appearing in the search results when creating a team, but you are certain they have completed an HBDI® and they are part of the Organization/Division (data role), you may not see them listed because they have not unlocked the HBDI® results yet.  Search for the Thinker and view their unlock status.  You may need to encourage them to complete the necessary steps to unlock their profile.


Can Managers of a team edit the team/add or remove team members?

Currently Certified Practitioners and their assistants who have Herrmann Platform Practitioner access are the only ones who can edit a Team to change or add Team members.


If a Thinker hasn’t completed an HBDI® yet, can they be included on a team?

A Thinker is only eligible to be a part of a team after they have completed an HBDI®. 


If a Thinker doesn’t share their HBDI® Profile in the Platform, can they be included on a Team?

A Thinker that declines to share their HBDI® Profile on the Platform can still be included in a team, but their results will not be displayed.


Some Thinkers are greyed out on the list of team members when I view my team.  Why can’t I see their profile information?

Thinkers can be included in a team prior to them opting-in to Sharing.  If they haven’t shared their profile, it isn’t visible in the Teams feature.  Encourage Thinkers to share their profile!


If a person completed an HBDI® years ago (migrated HBDI®) and they don’t have a Herrmann Platform user account, can they be included on a Team?

Team members who have an older/migrated HBDI® assessment and don’t have a user account, cannot be included in a team.  However, they can easily create a user account and then be included or added to a team.  

See this article to learn more about getting migrated HBDI® assessment takers to create a Herrmann Platform user account:


Who can see the team’s information on the platform?

The Certified Practitioners in an organization can view a Team that has been created this way:

Search For >  Teams

The list of Teams in that organization will be listed there, and a CP can click "View" to see how the Team will be displayed within the Team Members Thiker Portal.

Other than the CPs, Team members are the only other persons who can see their team information, and no one else.   And, only Thinkers included in the Organization/Division who have shared their HBDI® Profile can see other Thinkers’ shared profiles.


Can a Manager be excluded from a team?

A Manager does not have to be included in a team on the Platform, but if they are not included in the team, they cannot see the team’s results and the Thinkers’ shared profiles in the team.  However, the Manager can see any Thinker’s shared profiles through the Sharing tile if they are not included in a team. 

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