Team Accelerator Tools in the Herrmann Thinker Portal Team Accelerator Tools in the Herrmann Thinker Portal

Team Accelerator Tools in the Herrmann Thinker Portal

WHAT:  Team Accelerator Tools
Within the Herrmann Thinker Portal

High-performing teams are those that can achieve exceptional results by leveraging the diverse strengths and perspectives of each team member. Whole Brain® Thinking helps teams recognize that each individual has unique thinking preferences and encourages teams to draw on the full spectrum of these preferences to drive innovation and problem-solving.


HOW: Access the Team Accelerator Tools

Ask your Herrmann Representative how your organization's teams can be "turned on" to the advantages of Whole Brain® Thinking and how our team accelerator tools can help your team collaborate effectively and achieve outstanding outcomes quickly!  It's easy!

Team members use the team accelerator tools to develop high-performing teams through a sequential and on-demand learning journey (Activate/Align), leading to ongoing application value (Accelerate/Adapt).

Team accelerator tools are available in the Herrmann Thinker Portal and within each "Team" view.  You will need to be a member of a Team on the Portal, in order to see these new tools.

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HOW: Use the Team Accelerator Tools

Team members use these sequential tools:

In the Activate Section

Accel Activate.PNG

Form Whole Brain® Teams quickly

  1. Complete the Team Pulse Check Survey
  2. Share Who You Are
  3. Define Your Ideal High-Performing Team
  4. Complete Your HBDI® Journey

In the Align Section

Accel Align.PNG

Build a foundation of trust on the team

  1. Share Your “Superpowers”
  2. Explore Your Team Profile
  3. Build Trust
  4. Avoid Communication Frustration
  5. Prioritize Your Goals

In the Accelerate Section

Accel Accelerate.PNG

Drive ongoing performance improvement

  1. Clarify Your Goals
  2. Create Team Norms
  3. Make Your Meetings Work
  4. Give Effective Feedback
  5. Think Big

In the Adapt Section

Accel Adapt.PNG

Build resilience in the face of change

  1. Manage Team Transitions
  2. Unblock Conflict
  3. Lead a Retrospective
  4. Navigate Change
  5. Check Your Team Pulse Post-Survey

The team accelerator tools are sequenced to provide team members the best learning approach, along with the flexibility to choose the most needed tools to improve their team's performance.

WHO Can Use the Team Accelerator Tools:

  • These tools are available to any Thinker/Individual who has access to the Herrmann Thinker Portal and their organization has been setup for access. 
    NOTE: These tools can also be accessible in the Microsoft Teams Herrmann Stop & Think Application...see additional articles below. 
    • Managers can take advantage of all of the tools in this application
    • Any team member can take advantage of the tools in this application

WHY These Tools Matter for Teams:

  • The Results Speak for Themselves
    Top performing teams have seen leaders, teams, and organizations who can harness their cognitive diversity get better results in any economic environment.

  • 66 % improvement in team productivity

  • 130 % better at decision-making

  • 57 % reduction in talent attrition

  • 78 % more effective communication

  • 100 M in annual cost saving innovations

  • 70 % faster speed to job mastery

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