Teams Feature: Overview Teams Feature: Overview

Teams Feature: Overview

Welcome to the Herrmann Platform Teams Overview!

'Teams' - Everyday tools for managers and teams to decode their cognitive diversity and apply the Whole Brain® thinking for improved team effectiveness.


The Thinker will arrive at their Portal and a new Tile will be presented: "Teams".  Since a Thinker can be a member of multiple teams, they can select the team within the tile.

Portal for a Thinker with Team enabled:


Team Summary

On the Team Summary Tab, the Thinker is presented with the Average Profile of the Team, along with an option to view the Team's average HBDI Profile when Under Pressure.  There are also prompts for thinking and exploration: Insights, How to Interpret, How does your team function?, When to use.


Below these prompts the Thinker can view each Team member's Preference Code and use links to view their full profile.


Understand My Team

Using the tabs at the top of the page, the Thinker can progress to the next section: Understand My Team with graphics that display the composite overlay of each Thinker's profile, and a Preference Map of their mini-HBDI profile.  And in the How does my team operate section, the graphic displays are the Average Profile and the Preference Map with the ability to view in both normal mode and Under Pressure.


Here the Thinker is presented with additional prompts:
Understanding my team's cognitive diversity and
How does my team operate?

Within each section the Thinker is presented with information on:
    How to interpret
    How to use this information
    Questions to explore
    Examples in practice
    Taking action


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