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Teams: For Thinkers

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Teams on the Herrmann Platform

Teams enable groups of Thinkers who collaborate on a permanent or temporary basis to use the Herrmann platform to understand each other and to explore their thinking preferences. 

Feature Overview

You can find a detailed overview about Teams via the overview Article below.

Teams Overview

What do I need to take advantage of these features?

Your team members need to have taken the HBDI© assessment and opted in to sharing their profile via their Thinker Portal. Your HBDI© Certified Practitioner will then have to create a team in Axon and add you to the team. Afterwards, your Certified Practitioner will debrief your team on their HBDI© results.

How should I use the Teams feature with my Team?

There are several ways to use the Teams feature with your team:

  • Open up team member profiles before 1-1s: Before meeting with your peers or manager, you can leverage the information to better work and collaborate with them.
  • Read through the Understand My Team section: The Understand My Team can help you better understand your team members, and how to work with them, as well as helping you see patterns in how your team approaches problems or interacts.Understand_My_Team_1.JPG
  • Take a screen shot of your own profile and make it your avatar on slack, gmail, or any other team tool.
  • Take screen shots of profile graphics and paste them in presentations to serve as prompts or reminders when having discussions




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