The Practitioner's Guide to Axon's Batch Registration for Migrated Assessments The Practitioner's Guide to Axon's Batch Registration for Migrated Assessments

The Practitioner's Guide to Axon's Batch Registration for Migrated Assessments

The Batch Registration/Import Process

The Batch Import Process was developed to create an “easy” way for a Certified Practitioner (CP) to add multiple users to Axon and have the user "reclaim" a previously completed HBDI® from the Herrmann Thinking Management System (HTMS) (the "Pre-Axon system).

The User doesn’t have to complete a new HBDI®, and they simply confirm they want an Axon account and reclaim their previously completed HBDI.

Important Note: The User does need to have access to the email address they used when they completed their HBDI®.

 The CP / Herrmann Process is outlined in these simple steps:

Step 1: The CP prepares a UTF Unicode Text file (a .txt file) that has the email addresses of the Thinkers they want  Herrmann to “import”


Step 2: CP sends (in a secure manner) the Text file to a Herrmann Admin

Step 3: The Herrmann Admin uploads the file to Axon

Step 4: Axon generates an exclusive link that can only be used by the email address the CP provided 

Step 5: The Herrmann Admin returns the link to the CP
Below is a sample of the automated email that the Herrmann Admin will send to the CP:


Step 6:  The CP sends the email to each Thinker on the list of emails they provided…and only those Thinkers.  (The URL provided will not work for an “unauthorized” that was not included in the original list of email addresses.)

This email should contain some context about "why" the Thinker is being asked to create their account.  A sample email address is included at the end of this article.

Once the email has been sent to all the Thinkers on the list, the CP can simply wait for each person to take action. 

Additional Info.: The list of email addresses and the "batch" registration is valid for 30 days in the Herrmann system.  After 30 Days to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) the email addresses are deleted.  This simply means that if the CP wants to offer Thinkers another opportunity, they will need to submit a new request.  It's for the protection of the Thinker's data.

Here's the Thinker's Process

Step 1:  The Thinker receives the email from the Practitioner and clicks on the link.  They are presented with this page and fill out the form to create their user account:


Step 2:  When Axon confirms the User account information, the Thinker will see a message on the screen:

Almost done. A verification email has been sent to you.  Please click the confirmation link in the email to complete your registration.


Step 3:  To insure that the Thinker is using their “own” email address, Axon sends a confirmation email to which the Thinker must respond.



Step 4:  Clicking on the link in the email takes you to this confirmation page:


That’s it...the Thinker's HBDI® will be attached to their new Axon User Account, and they will have access to the resources in the Thinker Portal.


A Sample Email to inform the Thinker why they are being asked to do this and what the benefits are:

Dear "Thinker"

Sometime in the past you completed an HBDI® Thinking Styles Assessment from Herrmann International (Herrmann). 
(add any specific organizational info here that will re-assure the Thinker that this is a legitimate request)

Herrmann has a new system that was designed with more resources and heightened security and privacy settings.  In order for you to have access to your HBDI® and these additional resources, you'll need to create a User Account and request that Herrmann link your previously completed HBDI® to your new User Account.  It's easy.  Simply click on this link ______________________   and follow the instructions. 

Once you've created your User Account, you  will be able to:

  • update your settings anytime you choose
  • view your HBDI® results anytime
  • access your HBDI® on your mobile device if you choose to
  • print a PDF of your results to take along to workshops as needed
  • access additional resources including your HBDI® Digital Results (a brand new feature)
  • brush up on your use of Whole Brain® Thinking
  • access even more resources as Herrmann adds them to your Thinker Portal

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