The Herrmann Platform: Technical Information for Organizations and Their IT Departments The Herrmann Platform: Technical Information for Organizations and Their IT Departments

The Herrmann Platform: Technical Information for Organizations and Their IT Departments

Herrmann's Platform is to access to Assessments, E-learnings and other Whole Brain® Resources.

Implementing the Platform for organizations often requires a technical migration and configuration phase of a couple of weeks.  This phase includes insuring IT is informed, we may need to be listed as a “trusted” site, email filters should be tested, and users are trained and ready to go.

Herrmann Platform Users have varying roles and permissions.

  • Thinkers: Those who access the system in order to complete an assessment, complete e-learnings, see their assessment results, share their personal profile with others in their organization, view others in their organization who have shared their personal profiles, and view team results of those who have shared their profiles.
  • Practitioners: Those who access the system in order to offer assessments and e-learnings
    to Thinkers, run assessment reports, view Thinker's results and their e-learning progress. Remind Thinkers to continue their learning journey and create teams of Thinkers for access on the Herrmann Platform.
  • Team Managers: Some organizations have opted to allow any Thinker in their organization to create a Team to be visible on the Herrmann Platform.  The Managers of those Teams can then make changes to the Team by adding or removing team members. 
  • Organizational Administrators: Those who access the system to help Thinkers within their Organization by unlocking the HBDI Assessment results, sending a password reset email, create Teams to be visible on the Herrmann Platform, move Thinkers from one division of the organization to another (example: if a Thinker is no longer a current employee, the Org Admin can move that Thinker to the Archives), request data setup changes for divisions of the organization, and run organization and division wide reports.

All Users are required to create a User account with a valid email address.


Requirements: Minimum of 8 Characters.

Must include 1 number 1 Upper Case and 1 Lower case letter.

All connections are made through SSL. 




Browser Compatibility


Firefox  v41.0 - v46.0                            

Safari   v6.1.6 – v9.1                

Microsoft Edge                                                   

Mobile Enabled for iOS and Android

Email System

The Herrmann Platform sends emails for Practitioners.  These emails will come from  The email contains a link to the Axon system where the participant creates their own username and password in order to complete an assessment.


Practitioners who print reports will need to enable Pop-Ups for the Herrmann Platform.


Reports are provided via PDF.  At a minimum, a Practitioner will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy


Herrmann International is committed to the utmost protection of our Thinkers’ data.  Our Herrmann Dedicated Servers are hosted securely in an offsite facility.  The data is backed up routinely. Access to the data is heavily restricted and monitored.

Requests for Security and Privacy information can be submitted to:

Points of Contact:

System Administrator:                                Telephone: 828-222-3840

Service Representatives:                                  Telephone: 800-432-4234

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