What Data Does Herrmann Store For Me?

Herrmann takes the security of your data and privacy seriously. Once you have accessed and/or completed any of Herrmann's assessments (such as the  HBDI®), there are several sets of data that we collect and store:

  • Metadata: Data that is not scored in your assessment that is used for the purpose of personalisation or communication
  • Assessment Answers: How you answered during any of Herrmann's assessments (such as the HBDI®)
  • Individual Results: The output (or "score") that was the result of your answers during any of Herrmann's assessments

Who Has Access To My Data?

Once we have your data on file, there are only certain authorised people that have access to it. The level of access that people have to your data is based on the types of data described earlier:

  • Metadata: Only you and internal Herrmann personnel
  • Assessment Answers: Only internal Herrmann personnel
  • Individual Results: Only you, Herrmann personnel and authorised HBDI® Certified Practitioners and their assistants

If you'd like a detailed view on who can see your data, simply send us a request at support@zendesk.herrmann.com and we will provide you with this information.

How is My Data Used?

The way your data is used depends on the type of data. For example, assessment answers and individual results may be utilised by an HBDI® Certified Practitioner to debrief you on your results. Additionally, sometimes the practitioner may use your individual results to add to a team report that includes you and your team members or colleagues.

User metadata is used to assign you a user account so that you can complete Herrmann assessments, and for the purpose of security (e.g. verifying your account), personalisation, and communication about your account. This data includes email address, first name, last name, and organisation to which you belong. 

What if I am Concerned About My Data?

We understand that sometimes you may not want us to keep your data in our database. We have developed some processes to help address your privacy and data concerns:

I Don't Want Herrmann to Keep my Data

If you don't wish for Herrmann to retain any of your data (to include any of the data described above), you can simply send us a note at support@herrmann.zendesk.com. We will process your data deletion request within 10  days and inform you once it is deleted.

Please note that after we complete the removal some traces of your data may remain in our system logs, and backups for up to a year. The data in these systems is only used for technical purposes, and only accessible to a limited number of engineering staff and administrators.

I Don't Agree with the Way My Data Turned Out?

If you are concerned about the results of your HBDI® assessment, first reach out to your HBDI® Certified Practitioner. Or, if you feel that you made a mistake when completing your
HBDI survey, please send a dispute request to support@herrmann.zendesk.com. We will review your request and if approved, we will unlock the assessment to allow you to edit your responses. 

I Would Like to Edit My User Metadata

If you're already on your Journey page, you can edit your user data by clicking My Settings:


In addition, you can edit  your user metadata directly from the My Settings page when logged in here.

I Have More Questions About My Data

Here is the Privacy Policy on the Herrmann Platform:



Here is the HBDI Consent  on the Herrmann Platform when completing the HBDI Thinking Styles Assessment:



Here are the Terms of Service on the Herrmann Platform:



If there are questions that are not addressed in this article or if you need further clarification, please send a request to support@herrmann.zendesk.com.


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