Getting Started with the Herrmann Practitioner Portal ~ Getting Started with the Herrmann Practitioner Portal ~

Getting Started with the Herrmann Practitioner Portal ~


Welcome to the Certified Practitioner Area,
or as we call it, the Practitioner Portal!

Herrmann is very excited to introduce the Herrmann Platform to you.  This article will highlight the resources on the Herrmann Practitioner Portal.




Table of Contents

Accessing the Practitioner Portal

Practitioner Portal Home Page Overview

Placing Orders in the Think Store

Accessing Resources

My Account Overview

Contact Your Herrmann Team

Latest Videos

Accessing the Axon/Herrmann Platform

Help Center

CPIP Workshops

Additional Resources That May Be Helpful



Accessing the Practitioner Portal

Navigate to the Practitioner Portal to log into your account, recommend bookmarking this website on your internet browser. 

Log in using your email and password.


Practitioner Portal Home Page Overview



The Practitioner Portal home page  you can access the various sections of the Practitioner Portal:

  • Think Store 
  • Resources
  • My Account
  • Latest Videos
  • Herrmann Platform
  • Help Center
  • CPiP

Topics on how to use each section of the Practitioner Portal will be coming soon!

NOTE: Based on your “role” with us at Herrmann, you will gain access to various resources and platforms, not all sections in the Practitioner Portal may be available.



Placing Orders in the Think Store

In the Think Store you can purchase additional Herrmann Platform seats, order facilitator materials and Thinker items.



  • Click the Think Store square




  • Select HBDI Reports & Materials




  • Locate the Herrmann Platform item or other items to purchase, update the quantity field and click "ADD TO CART"
  • NEW: Select your License in the "Axon License to Update" area 
    (If you do not see an option here or do not know what option to choose,
    please contact Herrmann Support.)
  • Click ADD TO CART




      • Click Proceed to Checkout or Continue Shopping to add more items to your cart.



Accessing Resources

Certified Practitioners can access many resources including research articles, case studies, white papers and slide decks.



      • Click the Resources square


      • Use the search field to enter keywords to find resources or check the box beside a category you would like few. 



My Account Overview

The My Account section allows you to review orders, pay invoices and submit cases. 



      • Click on the My Account square
      • Use the left menu
      • Each option on the left menu has a drop down with additional options.


      • Select the tab you would like to review: Orders, Billing, or Settings 

How to Pay an Invoice



      • Select the Billing tab and then Invoices to locate your open invoices due for payment. 


      • Select the Invoice you need to pay and click Make a Payment

How to Submit a Order Change Request to an Existing Order




      • In My Account you will see a list of Recent Orders or you can click View All Order History


      • Click on the Order # that you would like to submit a change request. 



      • Once you’re in the order, click on Submit Change Request


      • A Support Request Form will open to provide your Inquiry. You will only need to fill out the message portion with all details of the order change you are requesting to be made. 
      • Once all details have been entered, click Submit and your request will automatically be sent through the system. 
      • Order_Change_Submit_Ticket.PNG

***Please Note***

If an order has a status of Pending Fulfillment or Billed, you will not see a Change Request option. This is because the order has been processed past the point that changes are possible. At that point, any additional items will require a new order to be placed.




Latest Videos

The Latest Videos section of the Practitioner Portal is where users can watch the newest HBDI videos released by Herrmann International. To access this section, access the Practitioner Portal home page.

Once you have access the home page, click on Latest Videos



Once you have click on the Latest Videos link, you can play each of the videos directly by clicking on them or by accessing the HBDI Youtube channel.


Think_Hub_Videos.pngLatest Videos is often updated so watch this section of Practitioner Portal for updates.



Accessing the Herrmann Platform

The Herrmann Platform square will navigate you to your Thinker Portal to access the Herrmann Practitioner Platform to create invitations, manage completions, generate reports and create teams. 

      • Click here to access resource guides on the Herrmann Practitioner Platform. 




      • Click on the brief case icon in the bottom left corner of your Thinker Portal to navigate to the Herrmann Practitioner access on the platform.





Help Center

The Help Center provides resource guides and video tutorials for the Herrmann Platform. 





CPIP Workshops

Certified Practitioners in Practice Workshop Series

Build your Whole Brain® Catalyst skills by learning more about Herrmann assessments, application tools, and facilitation best practices.


Register in advance for one or all of these 90-minute virtual sessions offered monthly for any Certified Practitioner.

All workshops are led by a Herrmann expert or outstanding practicing Certified Practitioner.

New workshops will be added regularly, so check back often and monitor the Whole Brain® Thinking and HBDI® for Certified Practitioners LinkedIn Group.

Additional Resources That May Be Helpful



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