Introducing the Herrmann® Platform Thinker Portal HBDI® Sharing Feature Introducing the Herrmann® Platform Thinker Portal HBDI® Sharing Feature

Introducing the Herrmann® Platform Thinker Portal HBDI® Sharing Feature

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What's this all about?

Now Practitioners can offer Thinkers the ability to personalize, share and compare the HBDI® Results to move from self awareness and transcend to real world application.


How Does It Work?

Let's take a tour:

Once Thinkers have completed the Journey e-learning activities and unlocked their HBDI® results, they are presented with an additional series of activities to personalize their HBDI® results.  This process is extremely powerful and allows Thinkers to "think" through the many facets of their thinking preferences and how those preference can impact their interactions with others.


The Welcome Page describes the Sharing process and allows the Thinker to Grant Permission to sharing.

Note: A Thinker can revoke permission at any time from this screen or from the Sharing Tile.


Next, there are a series of activities that prompt Thinkers to consider and analyze their results.  Here's an example of one of them:


Within each activity, the Thinker can choose whether to share that information, or keep it private.

Once the activities are completed, the Thinker can view their personalized profile.  This will be the same view others will see, once the profile is shared.


The Opening Screen will display the Thinker's HBDI® Profile. The panel displayed to the left will display their Preference Code Energy Level, Introvert/Extrovert scale and a personalized "Things to note about my Profile include...".  Under the Profile section there are tabs for the following subsections: General Description, and then each of the activities: About Me, Introversion/Extroversion, Communication, Frustrations, and Building Trust.  These items appear as the Thinker personalizes the information about themselves.

General Description


About Me








Building Trust


Once a Thinker has granted permission to share their profile, the sharing tab will appear on their Portal dashboard.  Here on the dashboard, they can search for other Thinkers who have also shared their profiles.

Note: A Thinker must share their profile before they can see other Thinkers' profiles.


Once at least two Thinkers have shared their Profiles, they can Compare profiles for a more dynamic learning experience.  The Thinker simply types in the name or email address of the other Thinker in the search field and selects the them from the list.  Once they've selected a Thinker's profile to compare to, they can select the general HBDI® profile or the Under Pressure Profile to view. They can  further explore any of the sections that the other Thinker has shared.


Note: in the above example, Sam Sample has only shared the About Me section of their profile.  Therefore, the additional tabs at the top of the screen are not visible.


Why Does This Matter?

Thinkers can Share and Compare their profiles with any other Thinkers within their organization who have shared their profile. This feature brings the HBDI® results to life in a whole new way. 

Organizations are structured in the Herrmann Platform by using "Data Roles".  This structure allows organizations to establish their data in such a way that allow for proper sharing.  To learn more about how Data Roles can be structured for organizations, reach out to your Herrmann representative.

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  • Sylvia Cornejo

    Hi! This looks great. What are the steps/process that a thinker needs to follow after having taken the assessment to have access to this more in depth information about their profile? Thanks

    Sylvia Cornejo