I Have a "Large" Group of HBDI® Assessments, Can I Run Reports? I Have a "Large" Group of HBDI® Assessments, Can I Run Reports?

I Have a "Large" Group of HBDI® Assessments, Can I Run Reports?

WHAT is the challenge?

As a Practitioner you will need to run reports from Axon.  And naturally, you'll want them "fast". 
Reports that run in the Background improve system performance.
Individual Reports for 31 or more HBDI®s will run in the Background.
Group Reports for 141 or more HBDI®s will run in the Background.

WHY Run Reports in the Background?

Reports for "larger" groups run in the background to keep the overall speed of the entire platform at its best performance.  

WHO is Impacted?

Any Practitioner running reports is likely to experience this "Background" work from time to time.

HOW Do I Run Reports for "Large" Groups?

Note: The Report link you'll be provided in this process is valid for 4 hours.  So use the link to get the PDF report as soon as you can.

Use the very same process you use now...

  1. Search for Assessments, or Assessment Groups, or use the Run Report option
  2. Select the Assessments or Group(s)
    If your report is for Individuals, the limit is 30 -- the background job is triggered at 31
    If your report is a group report, like a Team Report or a Group Composite, the limit is 140 -- the background job will be triggered at 141.
  3. Not to worry...when you've selected the Assessments, or the Group(s) and the Report you need,
    Enter the Report inputs...Facilitator, Date etc.
  4. If the Report needs to run in the background you will see a yellow alert notice like this one:


       5. Then wait a moment or two...unless you have a HUGE group of Assessments,
           a minute or two is all it takes.  Check your email.  You'll see an email like this one:


Use the link that says "by clicking here" in your email and if you are still logged into Herrmann®'s Axon Platform, you'll be taken straight to the report you requested...if you are not logged in, you'll need to login and then you'll be taken to the Report.


You will have what you needed, and the system didn't slow down for that work to be done.

Have fun reporting!

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