The New HBDI® Individual Reports The New HBDI® Individual Reports

The New HBDI® Individual Reports

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A-Quadrant-Icon-128kb.gif  What's this all about?

The HBDI® Individual Reports

The HBDI® Profile Overlay:



The HBDI Profile Overlay displays the Score Table at the top of the page, with the  Preference Code, the Profile Scores for each quadrant, and the "Under Pressure Score".  The Under Pressure Score is derived from the selections, and allows the score to then be displayed on the profile grid.


The HBDI® Data Summary Page


The NEW HBDI® Data Summary Page has a few notable differences.  As with the HBDI® Profile Overlay, the Data Summary Report now displays the "Under Pressure Score" that derives from the Adjective Pair section of the survey- while the previous version reported the Adjective Pair as "choices" and not as "scores".  The Key Descriptor choices are now highlighted with the appropriate quadrant colors. The Work Elements 4's and 5's (Work I do Well, and Work I do Best) are highlighted with the appropriate quadrant colors,  giving the entire report a clean and new look that is easy for Thinkers to follow.  In addition, the new version no longer reports out Handedness and Motion Sickness, given that these questions are no longer a part of the new HBDI® Survey form.

For information on how you can access the "NEW" HBDI® Survey form, please contact your Herrmann Representative.


The HBDI® Narrative Report


The new layout offers at a glance viewing of the Narrative data. This report is offered in multiple languages to specifically accommodate the variety of languages used by our Thinkers.


The NEW HBDI® Mini Profile Report


The NEW HBDI® Mini Profile Report has the same crisp new updated look and feel. The new HBDI® Mini Profile Report has a larger font size and bolded individual name tent to aid for viewing across a room.


The HBDI® Title Page for the Individual Reports  


The NEW Title page also has the new crisp updated look.  


B-Quadrant-Icon-128x128.gif  How does it work?

For information on how to access the New HBDI® Individual Reports, please view our article Video Tutorial- Running Reports in the Herrmann Platform.


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