Stop & Think App for Microsoft Teams: Use Cases Stop & Think App for Microsoft Teams: Use Cases

Stop & Think App for Microsoft Teams: Use Cases



The Stop & Think app was installed in your organization’s Microsoft Teams to help you and your teammates work together more effectively, right in your flow of work. 

Check out some of our favorite ways to drive immediate value from Stop & Think!

Facilitating Better Communication

Effective communication begins with being aware of how you and the members of your team prefer to communicate. Luckily, as a team using Stop & Think, you have direct access to each other's preferences!  

  • Log in to your Herrmann Thinker Portal to personalize your thinking preferences and grant permission to share (giving permission to view) your preferences with the other members of your organization.
  • Once this is complete, head over to your Microsoft Teams app and view the Stop & Think app within a team or chat where it has been added. Take a few minutes to understand the thinking preferences of your team members and how they compare to yours. 


  • The Our Team and Getting To Know Your Teammates sections of Stop & Think provide instant access to any teammate’s shared HBDI® profile, with custom information they want you to know in order to work with them successfully.
  • At your next team meeting or one-on-one collaboration, set time in the agenda for discussing thinking preferences, identifying your similarities and differences in how those affect how you communicate.
  • Do some troubleshooting and identify 2-3 ways you can grow in communicating more effectively.

Creating Better Collaboration

Whether you’re trying to solve problems together or make shared decisions, taking time as a team to discover how to work together effectively will lead to increased productivity and decreased time spent on tasks. 

The Our Team and Our Team Under Pressure sections of Stop & Think display:

  • Your team profile
  • A map of individual teammate’s thinking preferences
  • How your team’s thinking shifts when experiencing stress.


The Getting Unstuck With Another section of Stop & Think displays your profile side-by-side with any teammate, so you can see where your thinking preferences overlap and where they diverge. You'll also find custom tips for navigating any potential conflicts or blindspots with that teammate. 


Conducting Effective Meetings

Integrating Whole Brain® Thinking into your next meeting agenda can help make sure everyone at the meeting has opportunities to connect and engage via their individual thinking preferences.

The Meetings That Work section includes team tips and downloadable templates for you to try when planning, leading, and debriefing a meeting.



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