Stop & Think: 1:1 Meetings Stop & Think: 1:1 Meetings

Stop & Think: 1:1 Meetings

1:1 Meetings

When connecting 1:1 with a direct report, a manager, or a colleague- it’s helpful to take a Whole Brain® Approach:

Preparing for the meeting

From the home page of Stop & Think, go to "Getting To Know Your Team Members" and view the profile of the person you’re meeting with.




Ask the person you’re meeting with to complete the Whole Brain® 1:1 Agenda prior to your discussion. Go through the sections in the order that makes the most sense for the person you’re working with.



During the meeting

Based on the person’s thinking preferences, make sure you cover the appropriate discussion points as described by the prompts in the “Lead a meeting” sub-section.


Follow up after the meeting

At the end of your 1:1, block five minutes to recap your discussion using the questions listed in the “Debrief a meeting” sub-section.


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