Stop & Think: Retrospectives Stop & Think: Retrospectives

Stop & Think: Retrospectives

Retrospective Meetings

Truly effective teams regularly take the opportunity to pause and reflect on how they’ve been working together. These retrospectives may occur every couple of weeks, every month, or once a quarter.

For your retrospective discussions to be effective, make sure you take everyone’s thinking preferences in mind to keep the team engaged.

Use these tips to plan, lead, and follow-up on a retrospective meeting:


Preparing for the meeting

Send out the prompts from the Whole Brain® Retrospective and ask your team members to think about their responses in advance of the meeting.



If you’re using an online tool to facilitate your discussion, have people put their responses (anonymously) in each of the sections.

During the meeting

Allow an additional five minutes for people to identify any additional responses they have.

If there is a large number of responses in the tool you’re using (or on a whiteboard), ask your team to group the ideas into similar categories. This activity gives your team the chance to see everyone else’s ideas and to visually identify themes.



Once you have the responses grouped, ask your team to suggest a title for each group. 

Next, ask your team to indicate which topics they would like to discuss in more depth by voting on the groups.

Starting with the category getting the most votes, discuss the responses, and identify if you have any resulting action items. Note those action items in the Actions & Decisions Log.

Follow up after the meeting

Circulate the Action and Decisions Log to make sure everyone is up to speed on what actions you identified during the retrospective.


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