Email Template: Encourage Thinkers to Unlock Their HBDI® Results with the E-learning Exercises Email Template: Encourage Thinkers to Unlock Their HBDI® Results with the E-learning Exercises

Email Template: Encourage Thinkers to Unlock Their HBDI® Results with the E-learning Exercises

Dorothy Roche Dorothy Roche


Many Thinkers are given the ability to unlock their HBDI® Assessment results by going through a few e-learning exercises in their Thinker Portal.



Certified Practitioners with the Journey e-learning activities activated on their Data Role, can choose to allow Thinkers in invitations to unlock with the activities.



Certified Practitioners often prefer to have Thinkers go through some of the basic/foundational learning of the Herrmann® 4 Quadrant Model and Thinking Preferences, prior to their sessions, in order to have the session focus on application.



Certified Practitioners create the invitations, and select the Unlock Process in the "edit" of the Invitation: 

+I want to control how users access their results on the thinker portal. (UNLOCKING)  and then selecting:
Let thinkers access their results after a series of self-directed learning exercises.

Thinkers can then complete the HBDI® Assessment, and immediately go to the Thinker Portal and begin to complete the e-learning activities in the "My Journey" tile.


But....what if the Thinkers don't take the time to go to the Thinker Portal and unlock their results?

Here's an encouraging email the Certified Practitioner can send to the Thinkers:

HINT:  in the Edit Invitation screen there is a great tool to grab all the email addresses for that group:

+I want to copy all emails from this invitation so I can send a custom email.

Using this tool, you can copy all the email addresses, and then remove any where the Thinker has already unlocked their HBDI® results.


Suggested Email Template:


Dear Thinker:

I noticed that you've completed your HBDI® Thinking Styles Assessment, but you have not yet "unlocked" your results.  

It is quite easy and fun to do.

Here's how:

Go to: and login using the Username and Password you created for your account when you completed the HBDI® Assessment.

This page will open your Thinker Portal.

Look for the "My Journey" tile.  There you'll see a few activities (8 to be exact) that allow you to quickly learn some of the fundamentals of the Herrmann® Thinking Preferences Model.  There are fun, short videos, a couple of game-linke acticities, and then you'll be able to see your HBDI® results.  Afterall, what's the point of completing an assessment, if you don't get to see your results.

Note that once you've unlocked your profile, you can return to the My Journey tile to add some additional learnings.

If you have any challenges, you can always use the little yellow question mark in the lower right corner of the screen to get help.  AND, this webpage is setup to be mobile accessible, and its modular, so take 15-20 minutes and get your results!


I'm looking forward to seeing you at the session on______, 202_.  See you then.

Certified Practitioner. 





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