How to Check the Status of a Submitted Request How to Check the Status of a Submitted Request

How to Check the Status of a Submitted Request

If logged in, users can check the status of a submitted Request in addition to Requests that they have been CC’d on.

Step 1 – Access My Activities

To access the My Activities section of the Help Center, click on the user’s name and photo located in the top righthand corner of any page on the Herrmann Help Center. This will open up a menu with several links including ‘My Activities’. Click on the ‘My Activities’ link.

Step 2 – My Requests

By default, the displayed page in the My Activities section will be My Requests. This page displays all the requests that a user has submitted to the Herrmann Help Center in addition to the below information:

  • Subject
  • Ticket ID
  • Time Created
  • Time of Last Activity
  • Status

To see a detailed status of a ticket, click on the ticket subject.

Step 3 – Request Detail Page

After clicking on the Request subject, the user is taken to a page with more detail on the Request status. The user can see additional fields in addition to any communications between the user and Herrmann Support Staff.

In addition to checking the status of a Request, users can use the ‘Add to conversation’ field to communicate with Herrmann Staff. Type the message into the field. Users can also add attachments as well using the attachment tool below the conversation box. Finally, users can add emails to CC using this tool as well. Click the ‘Submit’ button to send the message to Herrmann Support Staff.

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