How to Submit a Support Request How to Submit a Support Request

How to Submit a Support Request

Whether they are logged in or not, users can submit Support Requests via the Herrmann Help Center’s Support Request Form. On the Support Request Form, users will have multiple fields to populate with information related to the issue they are facing.

Step 1 – Access the Support Form

To access the support form, click on the ‘Submit a Support Request’ link that is present in two places on the Herrmann Help Center. One of these links is located at the top of each page of the Herrmann Help center near the user’s name and photo:

The other link is located underneath the ‘Welcome to the Herrmann Help Center!’ welcome message.

Step 2 – Filling out the Support Request Form

Once users click on the ‘Submit a Support Request’ link, they will be taken to the Support Form. Fill out each of the Support Form fields.

These fields include:

  • CC (available only if logged in) – Carbon Copy (CC) an email to receive a copy of the submitted Support Request
  • Your Name – the name of the user submitting the request
  • What are you having an issue with? – allows the user to choose from a selection of Herrmann platforms based on the issue their issue
  • Subject – a one sentence summary of the issue
  • Description of the Issue – a more detailed description of the user’s issue
  • Internet Browser – a selection of Internet browsers the user can choose from depending on which one they used when the issue occurred
  • Version of Browser – an optional field where the user can note which version of the browser they used when the issue occurred
  • Attachments – an option field where users can attach files related to their issue

Once the fields have been filled out, click on the ‘Submit’ button to send the Support Request to the Herrmann Support Staff for their review and action.

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  • alan clayton


    Hi there - as you can see I keep getting complaints from my clients about problems they are having "completing" the assessment

    In fact they HAVE completed the questionnaire - which is ALL I want them to do. So they are being misled by the messages they get from the system.

    I wish the system stopped telling them to do more than just complete the quesrtionnaire.

    I wish the system did NOT tell them the exercise takes 60-90 minutes !!! It doesn't - it just takes them 20 mins to do the questionnaire. They are getting annoyed with me because I keep telling them one thing but the "system" keeps telling them something else.

    I do NOT want my clients to be told to work through all the online modules. I just want them to do the questionnaire. And then I will give them the results.

    Also sending a reminder used to be very simple - click send reminder ! which goes to all unfinished in group. Now its a much more complicated process - much more time consuming, and much less effective. Please change it back.

    alan clayton