How to Create a Help Center User Account for the Herrmann Platform How to Create a Help Center User Account for the Herrmann Platform

How to Create a Help Center User Account for the Herrmann Platform



What's this all about?

With the additions and enhancements being made to our Help Center we wanted to make sure you have all of the tools and access needed to get the most expeditious support. Part of that is making sure you have access to your individual Help Center account.



How does it work?

Here is a quick video, that will show you how to setup your account in less than 2 minutes. 

Step 1 - Head to the Help Center Website

Click Here to navigate to the Help Center website, or copy and paste this link into your browser's address bar:



Step 2 - Sign-In / Reset Your Password

If you have ever submitted a ticket, you will have an account in our Help Center. If you have never logged in you will need to create an account. For both of these instances, you'll click on the 'Sign in' button which will present you with the pop-up below.

If you have submitted a ticket before, please select 'Forgot my password' or 'Get a password.' If you have never logged in before, please select 'Sign up.'



Step 3 - Input Requested Information

Depending on which option in the previous step was right for you, the system will either ask for your full name and email address, or just your email. Input the requested information and submit; then proceed to your email inbox to retrieve the hyperlink to set your password.





Step 4 - Submit & Monitor

Now that your account is set up you can Submit Support Requests under your account and subsequently follow along and monitor the progress of those requests. To submit a new request for support click on the 'Submit a request' button along the top of the page:



To track a request, click on the avatar circle on the top right of the page and then click Requests:


This will take you to a screen where you will be able to see tickets where you are the Requester, and there will also be a tab to view tickets in which you are marked as a CC. 




Who does this help?

This article is a helpful guide for anyone who would like to access the Herrmann Help Center and track their tickets.



Why does this matter?

This article is to help empower you to get the best and most expeditious service possible. Creating a Help Center account will also allow you to track tickets and interact with your tickets more easily. While we understand that there are already a lot of logins in our daily lives, the addition of this one is not necessary but can be rather beneficial in submitting and tracking your requests.

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