How to Monitor a Thinker's Progress and Completions How to Monitor a Thinker's Progress and Completions

How to Monitor a Thinker's Progress and Completions

If you enabled notification alerts (as detailed in How to Invite Thinkers to Complete an HBDI Assessment) when setting up an invitation, you will automatically receive email notifications as each Individual/Thinker completes their assessment. 

You can also keep track by viewing the invitation screen at a glance and by viewing the invitation itself.


At a glance you can see:

  • Number of seats set up in the invitation
  • Number of seats unassigned (seats designated for this invitation, but no email addresses have been given)
  • Number of seats assigned (email addresses have been given but the invitation has not yet been sent to the thinker)
  • Number of invited thinkers (invitations have been sent via Axon, but the thinker has not accepted the invitation)
  • Number of thinkers that have accepted the invitation sent out but have not yet completed their assessment
  • Number of seats consumed (thinkers who have completed their assessment).

Viewing Detailed Invitation and Completion Statuses

When clicking on the View option to the right of the invitation while in the Invitations screen it is possible to view the following:

  • Invitation set up details
  • Assessment completion status per person



  • Elearning completion status per person if applicable
    • Click on the E-Learning Progress button next to the General button to view more details
  • Lock status to see if a Thinker has seen their results
  • Sharing status
  • Personalization status
  • Preference Code (if the HBDI® is complete)
  • Reminder sent status


Note: In invitation view buttons to edit, delete and send reminders for the invitation show at the top right of the screen.

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