A Thinker Has Completed a Herrmann® Assessment, But I Don't Have Access A Thinker Has Completed a Herrmann® Assessment, But I Don't Have Access

A Thinker Has Completed a Herrmann® Assessment, But I Don't Have Access

If a Thinker has completed a Herrmann® Assessment, but you don't have access to it...

To Share a Herrmann Assessment with another Certified Practitioner, the Thinker will need to use the instructions provided below and in the article:

And now that they've shared their Assessment, what do you, the Certified Practitioner need to do?

How Certified Practitioners  Accept a Shared Assessment

A Thinker will have entered your email address and has “shared” their assessment.  You will receive an email like this:

Jaime Q Public has shared the HBDI® with you.
Login to Axon to accss this assessment "here".

When you click on the link in the email, and login to Axon you will be presented with a page that looks like this:

On this Axon page,  you are given the opportunity to share this data or include this assessment in a “Data Role”.  (Reminder: Data Roles are the tiers within the Practitioner’s data in Axon, like an Organizational chart with tiers.) The Practitioner clicks within the “Shared With” box and selects the appropriate Data Role.  This is where the data will be located within the organizational chart of the Practitioner’s data. Many times a Practitioner will only have one Data Role, but they still need to step through this process and select that one Data Role.

When the Practitioner selects a Data Role, it is possible that other Practitioners have access to that same data.  This is why the Thinker is told in the initial “Share” box, that the Practitioner may share the data with additional practitioners and others.

Once the Practitioner has selected the appropriate Data Role, they click the “Grant Access” button, and now this assessment is accessible within that Data.

The Practitioner is then taken to the Assessments page and can use the Assessment, or they can add it to an existing group for further processing.

This feature in Axon, allows the Thinker to have much more control over ”who” can access their assessments, and it puts the responsibility of “sharing” the assessment in the Thinker’s hands, where it belongs.

Instructions for the Thinker

If you find yourself in the situation where a Certified Practitioner doesn't have access to your HBDI® Assessment, you can provide them with access in a couple of easy steps.

Login to your Herrmann Thinker Portal: 


 Then look for the option:  "Share With My Practitioner"


Once you click on this "button" you'll see a list of the Herrmann® Assessments you've completed, and you can then click "Share" next to the one you'd like to make available to your Certified Practitioner.


When you click “Share” a box opens like this:

Type in the email address of the Practitioner you would like to “Share” your assessment with, and then click the “Share assessment” confirmation.

Herrmann® checks to be sure that the email address entered is linked to a Certified Practitioner with the proper permissions.  If so, an confirmation box appears:

Or an alert is displayed if the email address is not linked to a Certified Practitioner:

In this case, the you'll need to verify you entered the correct email address, or you can contact the Practitioner for further instructions.

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