How to Invite Thinkers/Individuals to Complete a Herrmann® Assessment via the Herrmann Email System How to Invite Thinkers/Individuals to Complete a Herrmann® Assessment via the Herrmann Email System

How to Invite Thinkers/Individuals to Complete a Herrmann® Assessment via the Herrmann Email System

To enable your Individuals/Thinkers to complete assessments and their e-learning journey you will need to start by creating invitations.

1. Navigate to your Thinker Portal


2. Log in with the your email address and the password you created

3. Locate the briefcase icon in the bottom left corner and navigate to Invitations & Assessments.

4. Click Create


5. Click Invitation


6. Enter the Invitation Details:

  • Name: This is the name of your invitation and the subsequent name of the group the system creates and stores the profiles in. You will want to name invitations and groups carefully, so that you and others who work with you will recognize the group name.
  • Email Addresses: Enter or copy and paste the email addresses of the Individuals/Thinker you want to invite.
  • Number of Seats: This number automatically fills in as you add email addresses in the section above.
  • Diagnostic: Choose the HBDI® option 
    Note: (More information about the Team Effectiveness Dashboard can be found HERE).


  • Notifications: Tick this box if you wish to receive email notifications when Indiviudals/Thinkers complete the HBDI®. Once ticked, it is also possible to enter additional email addresses for anyone additional you wish to also receive these notifications.
    Note: There's no need to enter your email address in the space for “additional” notifications.
  • Data Roles: Most Users will select their  “Organization's Current Employees” as the data role for your invitation.
    Note: If you are not sure which Data Role to select, please reach out to Support. This is a very important choice!
  • Access Setup: Let thinkers access their results after a series of self directed learning exercises.



7. Click Create Invitation


8. Click Confirm


Note: If you notice anything on the confirmation page that needs to be changed, you can go "Back" and edit, and then resume this process.

9. Click Send Invitation



10. Preview Your Invitation

Introduction: You should edit the introduction and give context about “why” the Thinker is being invited to complete the Thinker journey.

Standard Messaging: This messaging is not to be edited.  It is crucial information that every Thinker needs to have available to them.

Conclusion: Here you can edit the text and give any final instructions for your Thinkers how to access the App, when they will receive their results, etc.


11. Deadline: Enter the deadline you wish to set for the Thinkers in this group to complete the assessment. This date will be included in the invitation to inform your Thinkers of the deadline.

Note: Thinkers can complete the assessment and their elearning journey past the deadline date.


12. Reminders: You have two choices if you would like to send automated reminders:
You can send 1 reminder and you choose when the automated reminder is sent to those who have NOT completed the Assessment.

You can choose to send multiple reminders.
If you would like to send more than one reminder you can enter the number of days between each reminder.



13. Click Send

And the email will be sent from the Herrmann Platform to each Individual/Thinker on the invitation.

Note: the email will be sent from your email address,
and will be noted in the email as "signed-by:"


Want to know how your Individuals/Thinkers are progressing through their journey? 
Check out this article for more on how to track their progress.

If you have any questions or need assistance please complete the "Support" form and a Herrmann team member will help you!



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