Journey Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Journey Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Journey Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Note: This article was written in preparation for the My Journey e-learning available August 6, 2020. 
A NEW version of the journey activities will be available on October 21, 2021 that includes a thinker debrief. (Check out the NEW journey feature here)

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 The new journey e-learning experience within Thinker Portal


Q: What are the new features available in the Thinker portal?

  • The Thinker portal has been updated to include new learning content in the "My Journey" area for Thinkers.  These new features include a series of micro-learning videos and activities that allow Thinkers to learn the fundamentals of the Whole Brain® model while working toward unlocking their HBDI® results..

 Q: Why should we use these new features?

  • The new material within the "My Journey" section of the Thinker portal ensures that all Thinkers will come to a debrief session with a good understanding of the fundamentals allowing practitioners to concentrate more on the application of Whole Brain® Thinking.

Q: How much do these new features cost?

  • The new learning content is a part of the Thinker portal and can be turned on for any customer that has  a contract with Herrmann.

Q: How do I get access to the new features?

  • Contact your Client Success Manager to have the eLearning turned on for your organization.

Q: I'm a Thinker, how do I access the new material within the Thinker Portal?

  • When you log into the Thinker portal the new content will be located in the "My Journey" tile with icons indicating the next activity to be completed.

Q:  I'm a Practitioner, how do my Thinkers access the content?

  • As a practitioner, you'll want to ensure that you send the HBDI® Assessment invite from a data role that has the new features "turned on". The Thinkers will automatically see the new learning content when they log into the Thinker portal in their "My Journey" section.

Q: In what languages are the new features available?

      1. The HBDI® Assessment is currently  available in 16 languages, however Herrmann’s Thinker Portal, the HBDI® Digital, and the e-learning journey steps  are currently available  in 5 core languages:
      • English (US)
      • English (International)

      • French

      • German

      • Chinese Simplified

      • Why the difference?  Herrmann feels strongly that the HBDI® assessment should be available in a Thinkers most comfortable language whenever possible, and we want to release Thinker Portal and HBDI® Digital now in our 5 core languages while we evaluate adding other languages.

NOTE: The e-learning journey steps include videos that are enabled with sound.  There are Closed Captions and Transcripts in the core languages listed above.


Q: How do Thinkers that completed an HBDI® on the HTMS access the new learning content?

  • Any Thinkers who are still working with a profile from the old HTMS system, we encourage they retake the assessment from Axon. If they want to maintain their original profile from HTMS, they will need to go through a reclaim process (link) to tie their HTMS profile to an Axon profile with Thinker portal access.


Q: How is the learning now available in the Thinker's "My Journey" different from HBDI® Fundamentals?

  • The new eLearning journey is different from fundamentals as they are a series of micro-learning videos that are housed within the Thinker portal. The information has been refreshed and is delivered in a Whole Brain® way. Additionally, new interactive exercises and journaling activities have been added to increase the engagement and understanding of the eLearning journey.

Q: Will my Thinkers automatically be able to access the newest content within the Thinker portal?

  • Your Thinkers will have immediate access to the new experience if they are part of a data role that has the new feature turned on.


Q: How do I unlock a Thinker's Profile with the new content?

  • The unlock process happens organically and automatically as part of the journey within the Thinker portal. After Thinkers have learned the basics and the science of Whole Brain® Thinking they will go through an activity where they guess their profile and unlock their results.
  • If a Practitioner does need to "unlock" a Thinker's results the can do so by going to the "Search For: Thinkers" and use the search criteria on the right side of the screen to find the correct Thinker, then View the Thinkers's Profile and use the link "Click to Unlock"
  • If a Practitioner needs to "unlock" all the Thinkers in an Invitation, they can edit the appropriate Invitation, and use the "I want to control how users access their results on the thinker portal." There they will see an "Unlock" button that will unlock all the completed HBDIs®.

Q: How does my role as a Practitioner change because my Thinkers have access to this new feature?

  • By using the journey feature with your Thinkers, they are self-direct through content to teach them the fundamentals which allows you to move much more quickly into application and specific use cases with your Thinkers.  You'll no longer need to spend time in the debrief building and understand of the four quadrant Herrmann Whole Brain® Model, or explaining how the HBDI® scores are plotted.  You can begin discussing the initiatives and needs of the organization, team interactions, communication, problem solving, decision making, etc.


Q: I’m running a group workshop and I want everyone to access their HBDI® Digital during the session? Can I still do this?

  • Yes! By allowing the Thinkers access to the newest features of the Thinker portal, once a Thinker has unlocked their HBDI® results, they will be able to view the HBDI® Digital.
  • You will want to view the group or the invitation within Axon to view the progress of each Thinker, so you'll have a sense of how far along in the e-learning journey steps they've traveled.
  • However, if the newest feature is turned on, the ability to restrict access to their HBDI® Digital profile is no longer available as the Thinkers control their pace through the learning and unlocking of their results.
  • NOTE: Don’t forget to consider wifi access, as well as any company firewalls that might affect Thinkers ability to get online.



Q: Can I lock a Thinker’s HBDI® results if they’ve already unlocked it using the content within their journey or if I've unlocked it manually?

  • Once a Thinker’s results are unlocked they cannot be locked again.  
  • But it is important to keep in mind that if the journey steps are turned "on" for your Data Role, Thinkers who were already unlocked, will not need to go through the e-learning steps to view their results in the HBDI® Digital.  


Q: Can I edit older invitations to include the new features?

  • You won't need to edit invitations to allow Thinkers access to the newest content.  The new feature is "turned on" by Data Role, so if you request the Data Role you've used for previous invitations to be "turned on" those Thinkers will automatically have access to the latest and greatest journey steps.

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