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FAQ: Stop & Think on Microsoft Teams


Herrmann is excited to announce the release of Stop & Think - a new Whole Brain® Thinking application accessible directly in Microsoft Teams, making it easier than ever to go beyond the HBDI® and apply the Whole Brain® Model to real workplace challenges. Jump to a specific question to learn more about this powerful new tool:

What is Stop & Think?

Stop & Think is a new Whole Brain® Thinking application accessible directly in Microsoft Teams. Thinkers can now actively engage with team members and explore their individual thinking preferences - and better understand how thinking contributes to dynamics around team effectiveness, communication, collaboration, productivity, problem solving, and decision making.




What does it allow Thinkers and teams to do?

Stop & Think allows Thinkers and Teams to access Whole Brain® Tools where they’re already doing their work in Microsoft Teams. In Stop & Think:

    • Individuals and teams can get strategies for collaborating, problem solving, and decision making - customized to their individual and team thinking preferences.
    • Individuals can view their profile summary with an easy link to the Herrmann platform to view and edit their full profile.
    • Teams can view a team profile and preference code that aggregates teammates’ individual HBDI® results and under pressure profiles.
    • Individuals can compare their profile to a teammate's side-by-side to learn how to work more effectively together.

What content does Stop & Think include?

Stop & Think includes the following modules:

  • Getting To Know Your Team Members: Allows Thinkers to view their own and teammates' HBDI® profiles, under pressure profiles, preference codes, placement on the intro/extroversion scale, and primary key descriptors. This data is only accessible if a Thinker has granted sharing access to their profile in the Herrmann platform.



  • Our Team: Includes a map of team profiles plotted individually, an aggregate team profile and preference code, and a scrolling carousel with the: 
    • Team Profile
    • Team Thinking
    • Team Approach to Work
    • Team Focus
    • Team tips in each quadrant


  • Our Team Under Pressure: Includes a map of each team member’s under pressure profile, a description of the team’s under pressure profile, approach to work, and focus based on the aggregate preference code, strategies for expanding thinking in each quadrant if it stays the same or decreases, and what to remember in each quadrant if team thinking amplifies under pressure.


  • Meetings That Work: Includes the team profile, a link to the Leading Effective Meetings Checklist, and strategies for:
    • Planning a meeting
    • Leading a meeting
    • Engagement during a meeting
    • What to do after a Meeting


  • Getting Unstuck With Another: Includes a side-by-side comparison of your profile with another team member’s profile and specific tips for getting unstuck in each quadrant:
    • What is our challenge?
    • How can we move forward?
    • What are our strengths and frustrations?
    • What is our shared vision?


What are the requirements for an organization to use Stop & Think?

  • Organizations must have Microsoft Teams access in order to install the tool.
  • The teams and sharing features must be enabled on the Herrmann platform in order to maximize the value of the tool. All requirements for sharing and teams also apply - Thinkers must grant access to their profiles or their profiles will not be included in the Stop & Think application and division must be set correctly to allow for sharing.
  • Just like in the Herrmann platform, Thinkers will need to share their profiles in order to view their team member’s profiles in the Stop & Think app.

How do organizations install Stop & Think into Microsoft Teams?

Herrmann will provide the client’s Microsoft Office admin / IT team with a package file containing the Stop & Think application. Installation will be handled by the client’s admin or IT team - whoever is in charge of managing their Microsoft Office suite. Herrmann can provide an installation guide to help facilitate this process.

Is Stop & Think easy to install?

Yes! Stop & Think can generally be installed in 15 minutes or less.

How do Thinkers log in?

To use Stop & Think, a Thinker must be logged-in to Microsoft Teams. When prompted, the user will log in to the Stop & Think app using their credentials for the Herrmann platform. If the email addresses don’t match, the Herrmann platform will automatically store their email address as a secondary address which will allow for matching profiles with Microsoft Teams. The Thinker will receive an email confirmation of the added email address on their account.


How are teams created?

  • Creating teams is a function within Microsoft Teams. Users can create their own teams or join existing teams created by others at their company. The Stop & Think app then pulls Thinker data from the Herrmann platform for anyone in that team.
  • Teams are not created on the Herrmann platform - and Herrmann staff are not able to create teams for a client.

Will it work on mobile?

Yes, once you install Microsoft Teams on your mobile, you can use Stop & Think on mobile as well.

Who can view my profile and which profiles will I have access to view?

  • Your profile will only be visible to others on your team if you’ve granted sharing access to your profile in the Herrmann platform. You can also revoke sharing access to your profile at any time on the Herrmann platform.
  • If you have not granted sharing access to your profile on the Herrmann platform, you will not be able to view teammates’ profiles in the Stop & Think app on Microsoft Teams.
  • You are only able to view team members from your same organization.

How is my privacy maintained and is my data secure?

Herrmann takes privacy and security seriously. We are GDPR compliant, SOC 2 Type 1 & PCI DSS certified. The Stop & Think app retrieves, but does not store, only the data that you agree to share in the Herrmann platform. For additional concerns or questions please contact our security team at infosec@thinkherrmann.com.

Where is my data hosted?

Data is hosted on the Herrmann platform.


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