NEW Updated Whole Brain® Journey (with Thinker Debrief): Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) NEW Updated Whole Brain® Journey (with Thinker Debrief): Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

NEW Updated Whole Brain® Journey (with Thinker Debrief): Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Note: This article is in preparation for the NEW My Journey e-learning extended e-learning activities that includes the Thinker debrief, available on October 21, 2021.

For an overview article of the NEW journey activities click here.

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Certified Practitioner Questions

Thinker Questions



Q: What is the new version of the journey e-learnings?

  • The Whole Brain® journey latest version is a self-paced series of 8 micro learning sessions that includes videos, games, and self-reflections designed to teach the basics of the Whole Brain® Thinking model. 

    The Thinker's unique HBDI® results are integrated into each module so that a complete debrief has occurred upon completion of all 8 learning modules.  Independent learning via the Herrmann Platform accelerates the language and adoption of Whole Brain® Thinking through relevant, actionable content thinkers can access any time, any where and then immediately apply on the job. 

    Use the latest version in place of Certified Practitioner (CP)-led individual or group debrief OR as prep work for a group workshop or coaching session.


Q: Why this journey & why now?

  • Accelerate the rollout of Whole Brain® Thinking at scale with our new self-paced micro-learning journey.  Available any time, on any device, the self-paced journey replaces a Certified Practitioner-led debrief to create maximum impact for organizations.



Q: How is this version of the journey different from what I use now? 

  • Check out this table that demonstrates the differences:

Traditional HBDI® Experience with a Certified Practitioner (CP)

Journey Experience Available Since 2018

Upgraded Journey Experience Launching in 2021
Overall Process

CP delivers a full HBDI® debrief and introduces Whole Brain® Thinking

Digital intro to Whole Brain® Thinking preparation for HBDI® debrief by a CP

Digital intro to Whole Brain® Thinking with an option for the Thinker to complete a self-paced HBDI® debrief

Learning and Content

Activities and outcomes determined and designed by individual CPs

2 multimedia modules featuring videos, journaling, and activities

8 multimedia modules providing a comprehensive debrief of the HBDI® Profile, private and shared reflection, knowledge checks, and shared profile creation

Topics Covered

Scope and sequence determined by individual CPs

Self-directed topics (<10 min each):
- Whole Brain® Thinking model
- Cognitive science behind the
Whole Brain® metaphor
- HBDI® Profile explanation
- Clue-spotting exercise
- Occupations
+ Additional topics determined as
needed by individual CPs
Journey includes:
- Personalized HBDI® profile results
- Cognitive modes & clusters
- How thinking shifts under pressure
- Thinking at work
- Introversion/extroversion
- Energy levels
- Thinking agility
- Your shared profile
Total Timing
(HBDI® & Debrief)

Varies by CP, at least 60-75 minutes

Varies by CP, at least 75-90 minutes

Varies by Thinker, at least 90 minutes with personalized pacing and more time for application


Determined by the shared availability of the CP and Thinker

            Anytime, anywhere access with easy
                   stop/start/save via any device
                       (mobile, tablet, desktop)
Completion Thinker must complete HBDI® assessment in advance of debrief Thinker must complete HBDI® assessment in advance of debrief

Thinker can complete in one sitting or over time; progress can be tracked by CPs


Q: Why should I upgrade now?

  • Get greater leverage from internal resources: Use in place of Certified Practitioner led individual or group debrief OR as prep work for a group workshop or coaching session, and as a way to roll out the use of the HBDI® more broadly in an organization without the limitation of Certified Practitioner involvement in every HBDI® debrief.  Practitioners can then focus on applications, team effectiveness, and more.

Q: How do I upgrade the journey for my organization?

  • Contact your Herrmann representative to discuss your contract.  If you have a Herrmann Platform Contract, there is no additional contractual step.  Herrmann will simply turn on this new feature.  
    If you do not have a current Herrmann Platform Contract, your Herrmann representative can help you to acquire a contract, which is required to access the journey e-learnings with the Thinker debrief.


Q: Can I offer the two different versions of the journey?

  • Organizations are encouraged to offer their Thinkers the same version of the journey e-learnings to promote consistent learning throughout the organization, and to prevent confusion for the Practitioner as to which version was offered. 

Q: What happens to my Thinkers that already experienced the journey 1.0 and now I've added the journey 2.0 e-learnings?

  • The Thinkers who have experienced the journey 1.0 and now have access to the journey 2.0 will have access to all the new steps in the journey, though their HBDI® results may already be unlocked.

Q: Can I offer the HBDI® without requiring the journey e-learning to unlock the HBDI®results, and have Thinker unlock with a code?

  • Yes, you can choose when creating the invitation, to offer the e-learning process or allow the Thinker to unlock their results with a code you provide.  


Q: Can I offer various options in one invitation?

  • When you create an invitation, you’ll have two options...
    • 1-Allow Thinkers to access their results in their own time by completing the e-learning exercises .  This selection will setup the Thinkers with the version of the e-learnings the organization has selected.
    • 2-Allow Thinkers to access their results when you provide them with an unlock code. 
      All the Thinkers in that one invitation will use the same access option.



Q: How do I know how far along a Thinker has gotten in the learning modules?

  • Each Thinker's progress will be visible in their Thinker Profile and on their Invitation.

    You can Search For> Thinkers and look up one Thinker to see their progress.

    Or, you can view the invitation to see all the Thinkers included in that invitation by clicking on the button at the top of the list of Thinkers in the invitation “E-learning Progress”.



Q: Can I unlock a Thinker if they didn’t finish the e-learning?

  • Yes.  You can unlock a Thinker’s results at any time, and there are 3 different ways to choose from:
    • 1-Search For> Thinkers and locate the Thinker you need to unlock and click the unlock button
    • 2-Search For> Invitations and locate the Invitation.  Select “edit” invitation, and then look for the “What do you want to do?” section, and the item: “I want to control how users access their results on the thinker portal. (UNLOCKING)”.  Expand that option and you’ll see an “unlock” button that will unlock ALL the Thinkers in that invitation, regardless of their e-learning progress.
    • 3-Organizational Administrators can also unlock a Thinker’s results by using the Thinker tab, and locating the appropriate Thinker and simply click “unlock”.

Q: Can I re-lock a Thinker's results if I accidentally unlocked them?

  • No.  Once a Thinker's results are unlocked, they are unlocked for good.  Be careful to only unlock those Thinkers that you are certain should be unlocked.


Q: If I unlock a Thinker before they finish the e-learning, can they still access the learning after their results are unlocked?

  • Yes.  Even if a Thinker’s HBDI® Results have been unlocked by a Practitioner or Administrator, they still have access to each of the e-learning module steps. And should be encouraged to return to their journey and the resources.


Q: Can I offer the journey to someone who has completed an HBDI® in the past?

  • Yes, and…
    When an organization adds the journey e-learning feature to their access in the Herrmann Platform, any person who has completed the HBDI® will be given access to those e-learning activities.  Because the HBDI® assessment has been available for many years, the person completing the HBDI may need to create a User account if they completed the HBDI prior to 2017.  The Herrmann support team can help ensure that the organization’s Thinkers are set up in the system properly, in order to have access to the Herrmann Platform and all the resources.
  • If a Thinker has completed the HBDI and portions of the first version of the journey e-learnings, they can still continue with the new journey experiences by simply going back to the tile in their Thinker Portal titled "My Journey"


Q: Will adding the e-learning journey increase my price or change my contract?

  • No. These improvements are part of our standard platform seat. We strive to continually improve your experience and want you to benefit from those improvements.

Q: Do I have to have a new contract to access the journey?

  • You do not need a "new" contract, but you do need a valid Herrmann Platform contract, in order to offer this new feature to your organization or to your clients.  Contact your Herrmann representative to find out more.


Thinker Questions

Q: How long will it take to complete the journey self paced debrief?

  • Just as each of us have different thinking preferences, we all learn and participate in e-learnings at our own pace.  IF a Thinker chose to go through the entire journey process in one sitting, it would take approximately 90 minutes to complete the HBDI® assessment and complete the e-learning activities.  Average times for each step in the journey is provided to you as a note on the activity.


Q: How long will it take to unlock my HBDI® results?

  • Your journey activities will “unlock” portions of your HBDI® results along the learning process.  Your learning process is up to your own timing, but most Thinkers will have seen their full HBDI® results after about 45 minutes of learning and activities.


Q: Can I stop and come back to the learning later?

  • Your Thinker Portal, the resources, and the e-learning activities are available to you at your convenience.  You can pause your learning, and return to the steps in the journey when it works for you.  Note: Practitioners often request that you complete your elearning and unlock your assessment results prior to a session, so watch for deadlines.


Q: How do I start back where I left off?

  • Throughout the journey you will be shown your progress by circles that fill in as you go.  Here’s a picture that will demonstrate.  When you return to your journey, you’ll look for the next circle in the steps that is not complete.


Q: Do I have to share my HBDI® profile?

  • Sharing the HBDI® profile is a great way to take your learning and your thinking to the next level in your organization, and all Thinkers are encouraged to do so.  But, you are not required to share your profile, until you are comfortable doing so.

    It is worth noting that you won’t be able to view other Thinker’s profiles until you share yours.


Q: Can I select with whom I share my HBDI® profile??

  • When you share your HBDI® profile, you will be sharing your HBDI with others who have also shared their profile in your organization.  But you cannot select individuals to then share your profile.


Q: Do I have to share all the personal notes I made in my e-learning steps?

  • Your notes and learnings along the journey process are first and foremost for your purposes.  In some steps in the journey, there are activities that you can choose to share with others in your organization.  These activities each have a confirmation to “add to your profile” and to “share”.  And you can edit those responses and your choice to share them at any time.

Q: Can I go back to a module and change my entry?

  • You can change entries made through your journey e-learning process at any time.  


Q: Can I watch a video again?

  • You can watch the videos again with the journey steps, and you have a tile in your Thinker Portal that offers easy access to the videos afterwards.  You can watch the videos anytime you’d like, after you’ve watched them once in the sequential learnings.


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