The Herrmann Team Effectiveness Dashboard Assessment and Results Intro and How To's The Herrmann Team Effectiveness Dashboard Assessment and Results Intro and How To's

The Herrmann Team Effectiveness Dashboard Assessment and Results Intro and How To's

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WHAT is the Herrmann® Team Effectiveness Dashboard?

  • The Herrmann® Team Effectiveness Dashboard is a 10-minute online diagnostic
    • Members of a team are asked to think about their current team projects or functions and give responses.
    • 37 questions in total
  • Most effective when used in conjunction with: HBDI® Individual + Team Profiles
  • The Team Dashboard provides
    • Collaborative perspectives to HBDI® Certified Practitioners and teams, using language of Whole Brain® Thinking for immediate, actionable insights to help align team thinking and focus
  • Since is it more evaluative in nature, it can and SHOULD be repeated overtime to compare the shift or change in focus of the team.

Examples of the Team Effectiveness Dashboard Assessment Questions:

What is the purpose/goal of this team?

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing this team?

How much you think your team's current focus is on...

    Finance & Budget: Focusing on the bottom line and cost efficiency.

    Plans & Schedules: Planning, scheduling or creating a timeline
    Empathy: Sensitivity to my needs and the needs of others

    Strategy: Strategising and visualising the future.

How much you think your team should be focusing on...
    Goals:  Defining its goals and objectives
    Organisation: Allocating tasks in an organised and planned fashion.
    Relationships: Building relationships with others inside and outside the team.

    Brainstorming: Brainstorming new ideas and solutions


Materials Include:

  • An Online Assessment for each Team Member
  • Results Reports for Each Team's Combined Assessment
    • 11 page report
    • Quadrant by quadrant breakdown
    • Summaries of open-ended comments
  • Herrmann® Team Effectiveness Dashboard Facilitator Guide
    • Investigation Questions Worksheet
      How to analyze the Herrmann® Team Effectiveness Dashboard
    • Herrmann® Team Effectiveness WalkAround
    • Herrmann® Team Effectiveness Action Worksheet
  • Sample Team Dashboard report

HOW does it work?

  • Managed by HBDI® Certified Practitioners using Axon
    • Survey invitations, reports
  • CP delivers results and facilitates discussion using Facilitator Guide  
  • CP uses HBDI® Team Profile for insights into how team thinking styles impacts team perceptions of a specific challenge
  • CP repeats Team Effectiveness Dashboard survey and discussions with the same team over time to pulse check team dynamics, measure improvement

Differences In Products for a Team

Helps individuals understand their unique thinking preferences, biases, and areas to stretch

The HBDI® Team Profile
Identifies thought diversity, strengths and blind spots, and helping individual team members understand how to best collaborate

The Herrmann Team Effectiveness Dashboard
Evaluates team perception, alignment and focus on an ongoing basis

 WHO should use it?

  • Delivery: HBDI® Certified Practitioners- in conjunction with those who are responsible for team effectiveness in their organizations, such as:
    • VP/Manager Level (functional areas and corporate focus)
    • HR and L&D leadership
    • Team leads and middle managers
  • For: Intact team or cross-functional team with common goal
    • Recently formed  (at least 2 months), 4-16 members
    • Existing team with new leader, task, or other challenge
    • Team in crisis
    • Dysfunctional team

WHY use it?

  • Takes the power of Whole Brain Thinking® to a deeper level by revealing team member’s perspective on team alignment and efficiency
    • Answers questions about team focus, velocity, roadblocks, and changes needed to do better.
    • Quickly evaluate team perception of strengths & opportunities
    • Provides immediate, actionable insights on current initiatives
  • The Team Dashboard allows each individual team member to make contributions to the process and have their opinions about the team’s dynamics voiced.
    • Enable analysis and evaluation of the perceptions of individual members and allow for comparisons to the HBDI® Team Profile.
  • Application of the common language for teams to think about themselves and their work together

How to Access the Herrmann Team Effectiveness Dashboard in Axon

  1. Coordinate with Herrmann to have the Axon system prepared with the proper permissions and license setup
  2. Create an Invitation just as you would for the HBDI, but select the Team Effectiveness Dashboard as the Diagnostic in the Invitation creation process*
  3. Send the invitation and wait as participants complete.
  4. Once the Assessments are complete, run your reports in Axon
    • Go to "Run Reports"
    • Select the Report: Team Effectiveness Dashboard Packet
    • Search for your Group's Name in the search filters
    • Select all the Assessments
    • Run your Report
  5. Download the Facilitator Guide and Sample Report in the Herrmann Practitioner Portal
  6. Review the Team's responses and results and prepare your debrief session

*Note: It is strongly recommended that the team complete the HBDI® Assessment and participate in an HBDI® Team profile debrief before participating in the Team Effectiveness Dashboard.

Additional Resources on the Practitioners' Portal:

US ,UK & EMEA Certitifed Practitioners have access to the Herrmann Practitioners' Portal where these resources can be found:

Team Effectiveness Dashboard Facilitator GuideLINK

Team Effectiveness Dashboard Sample Team ReportLINK

Team Effectiveness Dashboard Walkthrough Video Tutorial: LINK

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