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Creating and Managing Axon Groups

Learn to create, edit or view Assessment Groups in Axon

Editing Groups to Generate Reports (New and Previous Profiles
Step 1: Search for previous group to edit From the Dashboard page, hove...
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Assessment Groups
What is an Assessment Group? Assessment Groups are Axon's way of organiz...
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How to Copy Names and Email Addresses from Axon
Do you ever need a list of names of the Thinkers from a Group for some o...
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Creating New Groups from the Assessment Screen
It is possible to create new groups and allocate thinkers' assessments t...
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Creating New Groups from the Axon Assessment Group Screen
Assessment groups are groups of thinkers gathered together for the purpo...
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Editing Groups in the Herrmann Platform (Axon)
Once a group is created it is possible to edit it.  To access the editin...
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Copying Groups in Axon
It is possible to copy a group while in an individual group viewing scre...
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Deleting Groups in Axon
If you need to delete groups and clean up your data you can do so one by...
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Group Search Filters in Axon
It is possible to order the assessment group list using the blue bar at ...
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