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Creating and Managing Axon Reports

Learn the basics for creating reports in Axon

HBDI® Reports with Samples
Quick Tip: When using the Report function in Axon, Practitioners can typ...
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I Have a "Large" Group of HBDI® Assessments, Can I Run Reports?
WHAT is the challenge? As a Practitioner you will need to run reports fr...
Dorothy Roche Dorothy Roche
The HBDI® Linear Continuum
WHAT is a Linear Continuum? The linear continuum is a sequential distrib...
Dorothy Roche Dorothy Roche
How to Print HBDI® Individual Reports
How to print HBDI® Individual Reports:  To print Individual reports you ...
Jorge A. Jorge A.
Downloading Reports Using Chrome Yields an Error
Sometimes a CP or Thinker may try to download a PDF copy of a report on ...
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How to Generate a List of All Your Assessments in the Herrmann Platform
  Generate a CSV Download Report of Assessments WHAT: Many times it is v...
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