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Axon Video Tutorials

Below are some useful video tutorials cover some common Axon tasks

Video Tutorial - Running Reports in the Herrmann Platform
Thee are 3 options for running reports for Assessments in the Herrmann P...
Jorge A. Jorge A.
How to Create an Invitation in the Herrmann Platform: Video Tutorials & Walk-through
To Begin Here are Quick Links to the Right Type of Invitation Instructio...
Herrmann Germany Herrmann Germany
Video Tutorial - General Navigation in the Herrmann Platform
First time users can watch a tutorial detailing how to navigate in the H...
ZenAdmin ZenAdmin
Video Tutorial - Removing an Assessment from a Group
Sometimes you may need to remove a certain user's assessment from the re...
ZenAdmin ZenAdmin
Video Tutorial - Searching for Multiple Assessments at Once in Axon
Users who need to use the Axon Search feature to find more than one asse...
ZenAdmin ZenAdmin