What is Stop & Think? What is Stop & Think?

What is Stop & Think?


Work is more complex than it has ever been, making it even more challenging to be effective, especially within different organizational teams. Whether you're working remotely, in the office, or in a  hybrid format - connecting, communicating and collaborating with teammates can be a struggle. 


Benefits of Stop & Think

Stop & Think is Herrmann's Whole Brain® Thinking application available in Microsoft teams and can be added to any team or chat with a colleague in your organization. Stop & Think makes it easier than ever to see the benefits of Whole Brain® Thinking to your team dynamics:

  • improving effectiveness of team meetings
  • facilitating stronger communication
  • stimulating moments for team collaborations
  • increasing productivity
  • encouraging group problem-solving
  • fostering shared decision-making

Not only does the Stop & Think app allow individual thinkers and teams to access Whole Brain® tools within their existing work in Microsoft Teams, but gives strategies that are custom to team dynamics. 


Features of Stop & Think

Stop & Think users will receive the benefits of following in-app features:

  • Adding the app as a tab to any chat or team within Microsoft Teams
  • Viewing snapshots of their profile or a team member's. Individuals also have the option to be directed to their Thinker Portal to edit or share their profile information. 


  • Receiving an overview of their team's profile and preference code that aggregates the individual HBDI® results and under pressure profiles. 


  • An option to view snap-shot information of individual team members within a specific team, and compare their profile to a teammate's profile side-by-side.
  • Access to Herrmann's Accelerator Tools and other collaborative teaming tools, such as "Meetings that Work" and "Getting Unstuck" .


Want to learn more or find out how to get started using Stop & Think? Check out the Stop & Think FAQ or reach out to let us know you'd like to try it out.


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