Herrmann Platform: Updated Whole Brain® Journey (with Thinker Debrief) Overview Herrmann Platform: Updated Whole Brain® Journey (with Thinker Debrief) Overview

Herrmann Platform: Updated Whole Brain® Journey (with Thinker Debrief) Overview

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A-Quadrant-Icon-128kb.gif  What's this all about?

The NEW The Herrmann journey is available.  It is a self-paced series of 8 micro learning sessions that includes videos, games, and self-reflections designed to teach the basics of the Whole Brain® Thinking model.

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The Thinker's unique HBDI® results are integrated into each module so that a complete debrief has occurred upon completion of all 8 learning modules.  Independent learning via the Herrmann Platform accelerates the language and adoption of Whole Brain® Thinking through relevant and actionable content that thinkers can access anytime, anywhere and immediately apply on the job.

Use the Whole Brain® Journey in place of Certified Practitioner (CP)-led individual or group debrief, or as prep work for a group workshop or coaching session.
• Journey provides an introduction to the Whole Brain® Model and cognitive science, with a detailed analysis of normal and under pressure Profile Results, Modes, Clusters, Thinking Agility, Thinking at Work, and more.

  • Just as the whole brain works 24/7, the Whole Brain® journey is available 24/7. Everyone has the opportunity to get a comprehensive and consistent understanding of their profile and their thinking preferences at their own pace. This benefits individual thinkers as they will have the ability to learn about themselves sooner. Certified Practitioner will benefit from the assurance of a consistent debrief sooner and time to provide advanced coaching.

B-Quadrant-Icon-128x128.gif  How does it work?

Journey Features

  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • Designed for mobile, tablet, or desktop
  • Fast-paced learning sessions that takes less than 10 minutes each to complete
  • Easy to stop/start/save
  • CPs can track Thinker completion
  • Private and shared reflection options
  • Interactive games and videos
  • Knowledge checks to monitor comprehension
  • Connects to sharing and team activities on the Herrmann® platform


Upon completion the Thinker has the opportunity to:

  • Have a follow up conversation with a CP
  • Review already completed learning content 
  • Move on to sharing or other team activities
  • Look up other profiles (as available)

Below is a comparison matrix to facilitate understanding the similarities and differences of the various debrief options:


Traditional HBDI® Experience with a Certified Practitioner (CP)

Journey Experience Available Since 2018

NEW Upgraded Journey Experience Available October 2021
Overall Process

CP delivers a full HBDI® debrief and introduces Whole Brain® Thinking

Digital intro to Whole Brain® Thinking preparation for HBDI® debrief by a CP

Digital intro to Whole Brain® Thinking with an option for the Thinker to complete a self-paced HBDI® debrief

Learning and Content

Activities and outcomes determined and designed by individual CPs

2 multimedia modules featuring videos, journaling, and activities

8 multimedia modules providing a comprehensive debrief of the HBDI® Profile, private and shared reflection, knowledge checks, and shared profile creation

Topics Covered

Scope and sequence determined by individual CPs

Self-directed topics (<10 min each):
- Whole Brain® Thinking model
- Cognitive science behind the
Whole Brain® metaphor
- HBDI® Profile explanation
- Clue-spotting exercise
- Occupations
+ Additional topics determined as
needed by individual CPs
Journey includes:
- Personalized HBDI® profile results
- Cognitive modes & clusters
- How thinking shifts under pressure
- Thinking at work
- Introversion/extroversion
- Energy levels
- Thinking agility
- Your shared profile
Total Timing
(HBDI® & Debrief)

Varies by CP, at least 60-75 minutes

Varies by CP, at least 75-90 minutes

Varies by Thinker, at least 90 minutes with personalized pacing and more time for application


Determined by the shared availability of the CP and Thinker

            Anytime, anywhere access with easy
                   stop/start/save via any device
                       (mobile, tablet, desktop)
Completion Thinker must complete HBDI® assessment in advance of debrief Thinker must complete HBDI® assessment in advance of debrief

Thinker can complete in one sitting or over time; progress can be tracked by CPs


Learning Points in the Updated Journey

  • Introduction & Instructions
  • Whole Brain Thinking
    The 4 thinking preferences
  • Understanding My Profile
    HBDI results summary
  •  Modes & Clusters
    Preferred tasks and functioning styles
  • My Profile Under Pressure
    Understanding shifts in thinking
  • Thinking Agility
    Stretching your thinking styles
  • Additional Insights
    At home versus work
  • Understanding Others
    Sharing your profile


Learning that is fun!


C-Quadrant-Icon-animated-with-C-throughout.gif  Who does this help?



  • A current Herrmann Platform contract is required prior to adding this feature to the organization's platform.  Contact your Herrmann representative to sign up.
  • Once the contract is place, Herrmann's Client Advocate Team will review the data structure for the organization, and with the organization's input, the team will "turn-on" the feature for the organization.  Please expect a 1 business day turn-around.
  • Thinkers in the organization who created their user account prior to this feature being added will also have access to the new resources.


  • Herrmann can provide recommended communications to Thinkers who now have added resources, and suggested invitations for Thinkers who will be invited to participate after the journey feature has been added for the organization.  
  • Herrmann recommends announcing to previous Thinkers who have already used the Herrmann Platform, that they now have additional resources.


Practitioner Resources

Practitioner Support

  • Practitioners can access articles and tutorials via the Help Center in the Herrmann Platform, and by using the continual support access on each page of the Herrmann Platform.
    Help_button.JPG  If a Practitioner can't find the help they need in the Help Center, they can submit a support ticket, and the Herrmann team will attempt to resolve support requests within one business day.

Thinker Support

As with any software, from time to time a User will need support. 

  • Thinkers/Users have a continual support resource on each page of the Herrmann Platform.  It looks like this:  Help_button.JPG  Using this "?" allows a User to access articles and tutorials. 
  • Still need help? A User can submit a support request.  Support tickets are responded to as quickly as possible with a goal to solve the issue in less than one business day. 

Maybe There's a "Bug"?

  • Software releases occasionally have a bug or two. Herrmann strives to quality check all software prior to its official release. And we've had great reviews on this new offering since October 2021.  Our continual support access as mentioned above is the perfect place to report any issue.  
  • The reporter of an issue may be asked for additional information.  It is always helpful to provide the URL where the issue occurred, what action caused the error, and the browser used at the time.
  • The Herrmann team quickly goes through a process to understand the issue and evaluate its cause and the necessary corrections, and the reporter will be updated along the process.

D-Quadrant-Icon-128kb.gif  Why does this matter?

More questions?  Click here for the Frequently Asked Questions.



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