What is the Team Pulse Survey and How Can I Use It? What is the Team Pulse Survey and How Can I Use It?

What is the Team Pulse Survey and How Can I Use It?

Measure your team’s performance using a pulse survey.

Teams are central to the performance of work. But how can you determine if a team is truly optimized?In what areas is the team excelling, and what factors may be hindering the team’s progress? How can you measure a team’s success and what’s next?


Our “pulse surveys” are designed to give team members insight into how their team is performing through the framework of Whole Brain Thinking and the lens of the team members themselves. Using the Team Pulse Survey, team members can evaluate and rate:

  • the effectiveness of team goals
  • communication within the team
  • team relationships
  • navigation of change within the team
  • other team processes and tasks

This survey is not a one-time survey, it can be used to check the "pulse" of the team over the life of a project, as a part of a wellness check for a team, if there is a new project or leader, or any time a team needs to reset.


Activate is the first phase of the team accelerator. In this first task we invite team members to take the Pulse Survey. The following images display sections of the survey you will complete.



Start page for the Team Pulse Survey.



 Question regarding how long you have been on your team.



 Overall question asking how effective your team is.



Sixteen total questions asking how effective your team performs different tasks together.

Once they take this simple 5-minute survey, the leader and the team can then analyze the feedback from the pulse survey and use recommended Whole Brain® Thinking team tools and activities to enhance team performance while leveraging the team's cognitive diversity.

To receive the results of your Team Pulse Survey please submit a ticket on Zendesk with the name of the team you are on. Our team will then get back to you with a time frame of when you can expect the results and will deliver the results in a timely fashion.


The Team Pulse Survey is useful to the following individuals:

  • Master Facilitators
  • CPs
  • Managers / Team Leaders
  • Thinkers


The pulse survey helps team leaders and teams create rituals using team feedback to continually diagnose what’s working and what needs to be improved with their teams. Teams flex and change over time, impacted not only by team members but also based on the work being performed. Utilizing a "pulse" approach with team feedback driving micro-learning experiences informed by cognitive diversity yields greater team performance outcomes.

If you are experiencing trouble with your account, or the Team Pulse Survey, please do not hesitate to send a request to our IT support at https://herrmann.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. A Herrmann tech support agent will be in touch shortly.




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