Why Whole Brain® Meetings Matter Why Whole Brain® Meetings Matter

Why Whole Brain® Meetings Matter

When was the last time you multitasked in a meeting? Have you drifted off? Got annoyed? Wished you were anywhere else but there?


The good news is that you can use the Whole Brain® Model as a first step to understanding the different thinkers in your meetings and use it as a handy tool for organizing, planning, and leading highly effective meetings.


Whether you’re a manager or a team member, you can lead meetings people want to attend by tapping into their Whole Brain® Thinking preferences and keeping their attention all the way through.


Meetings That Work

The Meetings That Work section of Stop & Think is all about making meetings more effective and engaging.

You can access your team’s HBDI® profile and preference code on the main screen - along with suggestions for planning meetings, leading meetings, and debriefing after a meeting.



The section also includes a set of editable templates you can use to make your meetings more effective and engaging.

Learn how you can use the Meetings That Work section for three common types of meetings: 

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