How to Generate a List of All Your Assessments in the Herrmann Platform How to Generate a List of All Your Assessments in the Herrmann Platform

How to Generate a List of All Your Assessments in the Herrmann Platform

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Generate a CSV Download Report of Assessments


Many times it is very helpful to have a list of all the Assessments completed for your organization or client.  It is quite easy to do so.


Lists in Excel or other spreadsheet formats can allow you to search and filter against other lists to find out who may need to be invited, or invited again if its been a while since they completed an HBDI.


Certified Practitioners and Certified Practitioner Assistants who need to understand who has completed a Herrmann assessment.


  • Search For  >
  • Assessments
  • Enter the search criteria to gain the list of Assessments you need listed in your report
    • If you want "ALL" assessments, you do not need to enter any search criteria
    • HOWEVER, you may need to generate two lists if your count of HBDIs is more than a few hundred:
      • One list of Migrated Assessments
      • One list of non-migrated Assessments
        • And then you can combine the two lists.
  • From the Assessments list screen, you can either use all the Assessments listed or search for the individual assessments you wish to report on. When you have the assessments showing, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on CSV Download.

  • This report will generate a CSV report that contains the following information:
    First Name / Last Name / email / Job Title / Date completed / Group Name / Assessment Type / Generic Code (1122) ABCD Scores / ABCD Adjective Pair Scores / Upper Lower  & Left Right Percentage scores

  • NOTE: The Report will list each Assessment and MAY Repeat assessments if they are in more than one group.  In Excel, you can remove duplicates by asking that it remove duplicates of all the fields EXCEPT the Group Name.
  • This Report must be carefully protected since it is a culmination of many data points that are deemed PII (Personally Identifiable Information).  If you only need the list of names and email addresses, we recommend that you remove the assessment "results" columns and then save your list.

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